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    Are the best QA models the ones that are most elaborate and complex mathematically?

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    C.W. Churchman once said that "mathematics tends to lull the unsuspecting into believing that he who thinks elaborately thinks well." Do you think that the best QA models are the ones that are most elaborate and complex mathematically? Why or why not? (LO 1, 5) In the second part of the activity, please review your peer's posts - do their explanations make sense? Respond accordingly. (LO 1, 5)

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    The best QA models are not necessarily the most elaborate and complex mathematically. In fact, the simplest solution is most often the best. Occam's razor is a theory ...

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    This solution discusses if the best Quality Assurance (QA) models are the most elaborate and mathmatically complex using reasons and examples. This solution is 100 words.