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    Affirmative Action

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    How would you set up a paper to tell an employer that they need to implement an affirmative action?

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    1. How would you set up a paper to tell an employer that they need to implement an affirmative action?

    This question is somewhat ambiguous (e.g., is it asking about how a manager, employee or outsider would tell an employer this news). Or, is this a paper for your class? In general, the paper would have an introduction, the purpose of the paper e.g., proposal for an affirmative action policy to implemented, and perhaps the steps to take in the process. It would end with a brief conclusion.

    Let us look at one example adapted from an on-line Affirmative action policy. You can easily tweak it for your final copy:

    Example 1: Fictitious ABC Company (adapted)


    Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is about removing discrimination at the workplace, and ensuring all people have the same opportunities to enter and progress in the workforce. This does not simply mean treating people the same, but providing for individuals to have the same rights and opportunities to job access, job security, working conditions and advancement. The ABC Company needs to recognize this responsibility to its members in workplace within the ABC Industry. This paper proposes the implementation of an affirmative action policy at the ABC Company.

    2. AIMS

    The aims of an affirmative action policy are to:
    • Ensure EEO and AA issues are identified in the workplace;
    • Ensure that EEO and AA issues are resolved within a full consultative process;
    • Ensure that legislation and Enterprise Agreement clauses are adhered to in the workplace;
    • Provide a process for dealing with EEO/AA issues that are identified in the workplace;
    • Raise awareness of the importance of equity in the workplace;
    • Develop a training program to address EEO/AA;
    • Provide a National process for resolving EEO/AA issues;
    • Assist in the ultimate elimination of discriminatory practices.


    The ABC Company would need to be committed to ensuring EEO and AA programs are developed and adhered to in order to promote equity for all our members. The ABC Company would then support and promote the employment of women members throughout the grade structure in the ABC Industry. The Union would seek to ensure that employers in the industry comply with all relevant Affirmative Action legislation both State and Federal.


    Equal Employment Opportunity ensures that all workers are treated fairly and have the same opportunities to participate in all activities in the workplace. Affirmative Action is the planned process by which EEO is achieved.


    5.1 Process

    The ABC Division believes AA programs should be developed, implemented and monitored at the workplace through full consultative processes. The development of the 8 steps as outlined in the EEO/AA Act provide the process and basis for an AA program. (Employers with more than 100 workers are required by law to report annually to the Affirmative Action Agency on implementation and progress of the 8 steps).

    Specifically this process for each workplace would ...

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    This solution discusses how to set up a paper to tell an employer that they need to implement an affirmative action. It provides a step-by-step process, including the content to include.