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    European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Model

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    This is a discussion of question. The reference article is for the brief analysis, while typical article analysis is not applicable here, so please use it as supplementary material. Please do not to be confined to this article only, other conclusion and views are also important and necessary.

    Use the article attached to answer the following question.
    1. Would you recommend the EFQM model as a system for managing quality improvement in your company or a company you know well?
    2. Why (or why not)?
    Note: A briefly article analysis is still needed, but this is not the center of task, please focus on the question itself, please do not make it as a typical article analysis.

    Nabitz, U. Klazinga, N. and Walburg, J. (2000). The EFQM excellence model: European and Dutch experiences with the EFQM approach in health care International Journal for Quality in Health Care 12:191-201.

    1. Due time is Friday morning;
    2. 550 words or more (the more the better);
    3. Include conclusion or summary;
    4. Real time example is preferable
    5. Academic reference with reference list;
    6. If any question is related to personal aspect, just use your own experience
    7. Please remember that article analysis is still needed, but not the center of the task.

    If there is any question or request, please do inform me, this time the question was sent a bit late so please response me ASAP. Thank you!

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    I will recommend the EPQM model as a system for managing quality improvement in my company. My company has several quality related problems. The material handling is unsatisfactory, the quality of raw materials is low, and the communication between stages of production does not exist. In addition, machines are not maintained properly, there is use of damaged machines, and a large number of rejects. Some defective products are also shipped. There is increasing pressure from the customers to improve quality. The EFQM model provides a framework that encourages better quality, cooperation, collaboration, and innovation (1). The EFQM model can help improve quality in my company. The three components of EFQM model namely the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence, the Model Criteria, and the RADAR logic can each help improve quality in my company(2).

    The fundamental concepts can help my company in several ways. My company needs to learn that it must add value for customers. Next, it must sustain outstanding results, create a sustainable future, and succeed through the talent of people. When my company allows defective products to be packed it is not creating a sustainable future. When it compromises on the quality of raw materials the company does not sustain outstanding results, and when my company practices favoritism it ...

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