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    Critical and Creative Thinking Review Questions

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    Answer one question per week be sure to answer every part of each question.

    Complete the Critical and Creative review questions due as indicated below:

    Week 2
    It is generally assumed that most people who are blind or deaf would prefer to be sighted or hearing. Imagine that you are Helen Keller and describe only the advantages of not having sight or hearing.

    Week 3
    Children of today have far less free time (after-school structured activities, organized sports, and part-time jobs during high school) and far more access to television, computers, and video games. How might the lack of free, unstructured time affect the development and expression of creativity and intelligence? Do computers increase or decrease creativity and intelligence? Do computers affect the way we think and process information?

    Week 4
    Does childhood matter? Children are resilient and can often overcome some problems related to physical abuse, neglect separation from parents, mentally ill parents and inadequate parenting. When should society intervene to protect children? Should we all speak up and object when we see parents verbally abusing their children in supermarkets, restaurants, or parks? What if they are physically abusive? Why or why not?

    Week 5
    What are the most important sources of stress in our society? What could be done to combat these stressors on a societal level? As an individual? What were20the most important stressors for you parents when they were you age? Do you have more or less stress in you life compared to your parents? What about your resources for coping white stress are they better than you parents? Why or why not?

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    Answer 1: Week 2

    Sight and Hearing are essential to spend life without any extra effort, but those people who do not have sight and hearing, say 'blind and deaf' also have some advantages as compared to others. The expression power of blind and deaf people is more effective as compared to the other people. It is easy for the blind and deaf to use the sign language and symbols to express the feelings and communicate with other people, as compared to the normal ones. A blind person uses word of mouth to communicate with other people, which is effective and simple procedure of communication. People who do not have sight are assisted by their friends and relatives in the completion of their daily routine activities. People who do not have sight are assisted by their surrounding people and require fewer efforts to complete their chores, which forms the basis of assuming their advantage of not having sight.

    Deaf people enjoy the fun of story-telling by their surrounding people, which provide them a feeling of happiness. The people who are not able to hear can not be influenced by the noise pollution. Deaf people are also saved from their critics, which is also an advantage for them. Deaf people receive reservation in all categories, which assists them to fight the competition easily and effectively. Deaf and blind people can take the help of new technology, which further helps them to improve their life standards in an easy manner. The social integration of these people is strong as compared to other people, which provide them benefit. People who do not have sight are oblivious of the bad happenings occurring in the world (Providing information to people who are blind or partially sighted, February 13, 2007).

    Answer 2: Week 3

    Lack of free and unstructured time, may limit the development of creativeness and ...

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