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Bargaining Unit, Violence, Alcoholic

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1. If you are a director of a company, how might you view the bargaining unit? How does the NLRB determine if a bargain unit is appropriate? Please describe the current trends in union membership and union organizing.

2. Do you think a company can eliminate violence in the workplace? Why? The substance abusing employee is said to be a serious problem at work. If it is true, how would you handle such a problem?

3. How would you deal with difficult employees if you are the HR manager? Examples are ineffective, alcoholic employees and employees who commit fraud? Please provide some examples you have experienced or seen and give comments on how you handled or world have handled them.

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1) As the director of a company, I might view the bargaining unit as a hurdle to productivity, profitability, and overall well-being of the firm. The NLRB determines a group to be an appropriate bargaining unit if:
a) it has 3 or more members
b) 30% or more employees seek representation through petitioning
c) all employees represented are full time employees
d) petitioning employees must be unique to a single bargaining unit. Those employees represented by multiple units are ineligible to petition for any of the units.
e) all fair labor practices are followed by representatives (no coercion).

The current trend of union membership is downward (especially in the United States). While union leadership typically fights for higher wages of members, this leads to relatively lower profitability forcing globally competitive firms to be non-union in design. Thus, the union shops lose contracts and eventually go out of business or, at least, lose market share to shops with cheaper non-union labor

Although I feel that a company can do a lot to reduce violence in the workplace, I do not feel that it can, altogether, eliminate it. This is because several circumstances are at the heart of workplace violence.

Industries that handle cash (retail and service sectors, primarily) are ...

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The problem answers three questions related to management's view of the bargaining unit, violence in the workplace, and alcoholics at work.

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