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Williams v. OSHRC Employment Law case

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Read the R. Williams Construction Co. v. OSHRC case.
1. What was the legal issue in this case?
2. Explain what the employer did or failed to do that violated the OSH Act.

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Discusses the Williams v. OSHRC case on employment law and the OSH Act.

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1. The legal issue in R. Williams Construction Co. v. OSHRC was whether or not construction is in a class of activity that affects interstate commerce. The OSHRC has adopted the view of the Ninth Circuit Court that an employer is bound to the act's coverage if the business is classified as something that affects interstate commerce. This was determined in Clarence M. Jones, 11 O.S.H.R.C. 1529 (1983) and reaffirmed and interpreted to mean that construction is indeed a class falling within ...

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