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    Use of Videotapes as Official Reports

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    I really need help on this I am drawing a complete blank.

    Appellate courts normally see only written transcripts of trial proceedings when they are reviewing cases. Today, in some states, videotapes are being used as the official trial reports. If the use of videotapes as official reports continues, will this alter the appellate process?
    Fully discuss and cite relevant sources.

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    I do not believe that the use of videotapes as official reports will alter the appellate process, due to the fact that the manner by which appellate courts receive the information concerning trial proceedings of the cases that they are reviewing, will not in any way have an altering effect on the judicial process of which the appellate process is a part. The utilization of videotapes is just a method by which the appellate courts can obtain verbatim and visual information about a case that they are ...

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