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    Step-wise answer to T-Test

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    An educator is considering two different videotapes for use in a half-day session designed to introduce students to the basics of economics. Students have been randomly assigned to two groups, and they all take the same written examination after viewing the videotape. The scores are summarized here. Assuming normal populations with equal standard deviations, does it appear that the two videotapes could be equally effective? What is the most accurate statement that could be made about the p-value for the test?

    Videotape 1: x1-bar = 77.1 s1 = 7.8 n1 = 25
    Videotape 2: x2-bar = 80.0 s2 = 8.1 n2 = 25.

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    A t-test is performed in this solution, including a computation of the test statistic and p-value. Conclusions are drawn using the results to determine whether the videotapes could be equally effective. Please see the attachment for the solution.