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    The UCC's Rules on Cure Sensible

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    Are the UCC'S rules related to cure sensible? If a seller ships goods that are not what you ordered, should you (in many circumstances) be required to give them a chance to make it right?

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    In Article 2 of The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), the buyer has the right to damages or rescission whenever the items delivered by the seller don't conform to the agreement in the contract of sale. The performance of a contract is that the parties are required to do what has been required in the contract and if one fails to do so, then it is a sufficient ground for a lawsuit. The UCC has various rules in terms of buyer's performance such as inspection, payment, rejection, and revocation. Most of these disputes are treated on a per case basis as the rules consider on what can be reasonable in certain situations.
    According to Steingold (2013), the buyer has the main obligation of paying for the goods once they have arrived. As a rule, the buyer needs to accept and pay the seller when he has tendered delivery of the goods or items. Also, the seller's delivery of the goods obligates the buyer to pay and the payment of the goods is a condition for the seller to complete the delivery as agreed. There will be instances that the manner of payment may vary, such as upon delivery ...

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