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This post addresses employment contracts.

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Rebuilding The Employment Contract: Practices, Policies, and Politics:

Regarding the above broad topic, please review an employment contract.

This can be your own or that of someone you know or one found online. Read it carefully and fully. Tell me what you learned by reading the contract.

Did you understand the terms and conditions?
Were there implied issues and rules?
Did you have to read between the lines?

Would the average person understand the contract and his or her rights and responsibilities regarding the contract?

Find attached an employment contract.

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Solution Summary

The solution provides a detailed discussion about employment contracts, including the terms and conditions, the implied issues and rules, and how the average person would interpret the contract, including any reading between the lines necessary, and the rules and responsibilities associated with the contract.

This solution is written based on 25+ years of professional experience in the business industry.

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I read the employment contract attached, which was a contract that was formed in 2004 between company and employee. The contract was professionally prepared and very readable. Oftentimes, in an attempt to save money from having an attorney or other legal professional prepare the contract, a company will self-prepare an employment contract. While this is perfectly legal, the company oftentimes uses ambiguous language because they lack familiarity with how an actual employment contract should be formed. In this case however, the contract is professionally prepared and very understandable. The terms and ...

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