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    Sexual harassment and wrongful dismissal

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    Beautiful Bernadine

    Bernadine worked at a local fried chicken restaurant for the past two years. At first, she loved her job; however, the restaurant made a change in management at the end of her first year of employment. The female manager was replaced with Jeffrey. When Bernadine clocked in every day to work, Jeffrey would stand and watch her with his arms folded. Then, he would sing in a low voice, "Look at that beautiful Ms. Bernadine!" All during Bernadine's shift, Jeffrey would walk by and pat Bernadine on her behind. It made Bernadine furious, but she needed her job. One day, Jeffrey pushed Bernadine into the bathroom and attempted to kiss her. Bernadine pushed past Jeffrey and ran back into the restaurant. The next day, Jeffrey called Bernadine and told her that she was fired. Bernadine immediately called corporate headquarters citing that she was wrongfully discharged. Is Bernadine correct? Discuss why or why not. What remedies does an employee who has been wrongfully discharged have against an employer?

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    Bernadine is correct and was a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, which is illegal. The comments, the patting of her, and the attempted kiss are all considered sexual harassment from Jeffrey. ...

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    This solution discusses sexual harassment and wrongful dismissal in the case of Beautiful Bernadine.