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Reasons for Passing Act

In a succinct essay, summarize the specific reasons behind the passing of two of the following laws ( Railway Labor Act, Noris Laguardia Act, Labor Management Relations act, Landrum Griffin Act, Civil Service Reform Act) of the acts outlined in your text.

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The Railway Labor Act (RLA) was passed in the early 1900's to help avoid strikes by railroad workers. The act expanded to include the airlines. Though after World War I the Congress tried to nationalize the railways, the president, Wilson, returned them to their owners. The Congress then established the Railroad Labor Board to arbitrate labor disputes. The RLA requires the exhaustion of negotiation and mediation as alternative dispute methods before the status is changed and arbitration is required. These disputes may be minor or major, but the rules of resolution are different in each type. Minor disputes are not allowed to result in strikes. Major disputes may apply strikes, but not in all cases. It also allows the courts to intervene and refuse the strike, sending workers back to work. The RLA also protects ...

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The solution discusses the reasons for Passing Act, including railway labor, Noris Laguardia, Landdrum Griffin, and civil service.