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Protecting Employees Rights

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I was recently advised of a situation that took place at my work location where an employee accessed inappropriate information from her work computer and she made several copies of it. Management was informed of the situation and she was terminated as a result of her actions. An employee who reported the information to management also shared the copies with workers. The result was a failure to protect the rights of all concerned.

I believe this was an instance where "too much information" was shared prior to taking corrective action.

Should an employee's rights be protected when they have clearly violated company guidelines? If so, why?

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This solution explains if employee rights should be protected when the employee has clearly violated company guidelines. A full explanation, including why this should or shouldn't be acceptable, is included.

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This is actually a case of a very poor internal control structure. Weak internal controls are the primary reason why the employee was able to access sensitive information in the first place. If internal controls would have been working as designed, or would have been designed stronger, then the information would not have been accessible to employees that did not need the ...

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