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    HR: Polygraph Protection Act, Worker Adjustment & Retraining

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    Assume that your friend in California just lost her job along with 98 other employees in the same company. She was told that she was selected for this most current layoff because she refused to take a lie detector test concerning drugs found in her company locker. In addition, she refused to take a drug test because she was afraid a false-positive would result in the state child protection agency taking away her kids. Discuss the legal ramifications of this situation.

    Discuss how the Polygraph Protection Act, Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification Act, any privacy laws, as well as state drug testing law(s) may or may not apply.

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    The legal ramifications of this situation are that if drugs were found in the employee's company locker - that does not mean she was the owner or user of the drugs. There would have been prior employees who used this locker and could have the key to it or ...

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