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    They say that, "guns don't kill; people kill." Is this true

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    They say that, "guns don't kill; people kill."

    Is this true? Argue both sides from a cause and effect view.

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    This is true, but it can be looked at from several different points of view. Guns do not kill people to any greater extent that a knife cuts open a box. In fact, the same situation can be compared to a non-violent activity, such as opening a box. A person has a knife in their hand, and a motive to cut open a box. Because of their intent, the person then acts accordingly and cuts the box open. The act intended has been accomplished because the person has acted on their desire. The same holds true in the case of a person with a gun. A gun can be ...

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    They say that, "guns don't kill; people kill," the solution discusses if this is true and argues both sides.