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Discussion in retail contracts with commission

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Question: Palmer made a valid contract with Ames under which Ames was to sell Palmer's goods on commission from January 1 to June 30. Ames made satisfactory sales up to May 15 and was then about to close an unusually large order when Palmer suddenly and without notice revoked Ames's authority to sell. Can Ames continue to sell Palmer's goods during the unexpired term of her contract?

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The solution discusses the retail contracts with commission.

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Basics of Contract Law

Various things have to be taken into consideration here. Are both companies American or Canadian? Are they European? Is one company from one country, while the other is from another? The location country where these companies have been headquartered and established are very important. There are also clauses in varying contract law legislations that underline what to do in these cases. Depending on the country jurisdiction that these companies come from will determine which contract law they must abide by and adhere to.

Additionally, one must have certain terms, such as offeree (Acme in this case) and offeror (Palmer in this case), in order to understand and fully comprehend the implications of what both parties can and ...

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