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Bureau of Arms Control

I need to complete a PowerPoint Presentation on an administrative agency. For vast choices, see: http://www.whitehouse.gov/government/independent-agencies.html
? my presentation should have at least 7 slides and must include speaker notes for each slide as well as the answers to these questions:
? Why does the agency exist?
? Describe the powers of this administrative agency.
? Show an example of the kind of work with which it is involved.
? To whom or what agency does this agency report, if any?
? Where do the legislative and the judicial branches of government come into play with investigation and enforcement of this agency?

(The Agency I choose is Bureau of Arms Control)
(If you think another option would be better please choose one you can help me better with). If dont want to submit a Power point presentation its ok. I can do that. I just need info to have 7 slides on it.

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