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Unethical Business Behavior

1. When is a company's behavior unethical but legal?
2. Further, how much information should be divulged to employees when a company knows that it will take a major, adverse action against the interests of the employees such as layoffs, reduction in salaries, outsourcing of jobs to foreign corporations, etc.?
3. Is a company loyal to its employees or some other constituency?

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1. When is a company's behavior unethical but legal?

Ethical behavior is behavior that conforms to accepted professional standards of conduct

Ethical behavior is about doing what is fair and honest to all stakeholders--employers, employees, suppliers, customers and so on. It is about respect and integrity. These are values to uphold, but often not legally binding. In other words, when a behaqvior deviates from these ethical guidleines, it is considered unethical, but it is sometimes still legal. For instance, when an employee phones in sick just to use up her sick days, it is dishonest and thus unethical; but ...

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