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    Research Risks and ethical considerations when working with human subjects.

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    Sometimes, research with new pharmaceutical products may be risky to human subjects. It's big business - look what Viagra did for Pfizer stock. And, as patents expire, companies need new designer drugs to maintain profit margins. What tradeoffs do you see between full disclosure of all research risks and preventing potential subject bias? What other ethical considerations can you identify when working with human subjects?

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    Yes. There are ethical dilemmas while working with human subjects.

    I put my words like this:
    1. Research is a long uncertain process involving huge capital outlay. Typical pharmaceutical molecule take anywhere between 5 to 15 years.

    2. The failure rate for research is quite high. We may not be able to get anything out of 4-5 years research.

    3. The rewards in terms of huge profits for the pharma companies are to compensate for the huge risk they are taking.

    4. Companies need new products for their profitability. Yes, but more important, we need ...

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