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Ethical or legal issues in expressed and implied warranties

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What ethical or legal issues do you see in the way in which companies handle warranties, both expressed and implied? Share your knowledge and experiences about cases in which a person had to rely on either on a warranty to enforce rights as a consumer or on a warranty disclaimer to protect against liability? Also, share your experiences about cases in which it would have been helpful to the consumer to rely on warranty. The experiences you share can be personal experiences or ones about which you have heard. Is there anything that would prompt you to do anything differently about warranty issues in the future? Touch on both the legal and ethical issues in you discussion.

Please include any references if applicable.

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The following posting discusses ethical and legal issues in the ways that companies handle warranties.

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Essentially, a warranty is an assurance or promise issued during a contract by one party to the other. Mostly used in both business and legal contracts and transactions, warranties also clearly state various clauses that claim to be true and that ought to happen, with the opposite party lying true to such claims. Warranties are either express or implied in nature. Express warranties are assurances or promises made and meant to back up a contract or claim to a transaction and in which the warrantor expressly states so either in writing or orally. An express warranty is not simply an opinion regarding the value or quality of a product or service. As such, if a seller expressly states that a product or service is expected to deliver at specified minimum levels, then an express warranty has been entered ...

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