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    Warranties: Grocery's Business.

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    Discuss the different warranties that apply to Grocery's business.

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    1. Discuss the different warranties that apply to Grocery's business

    For most of us, shopping is a necessary fact of life. By knowing some of the general laws that protect consumers, you can safeguard your rights. (Please note, unless otherwise stated these consumer protection laws apply to businesses and not to private party sales.). Consumer laws apply to the grocery industry as well. However, most grocery stores sell food as well other types of merchandise. For example, even on-line grocery stores have both express and implied warranties (e.g. One Click Grocery's Terms and Agreement Section). Like any company, they must supply full terms and conditions to protect the customers and our company, and provide detailed legal terms and agreements of our service. http://www.oneclickgrocery.com/terms.asp . the grocery industry, there are two main types of warranties:

    1. Asset warranties e.g. the merchandise sold is as represented

    2. Process warranties e.g. will delivery on time, the merchandised that was ordered. http://www.iprocure.com.ar/DownloadResource/brochure/en/retail-grocery-brochure-706.pdf

    The following warranty laws protect consumers, including for grocery industry. However, many grocery stores sell other merchandise in addition to food, so then the following information applies to those items.
    Warranties: Express & Implied
    A warranty is a two-part pledge to you. First, it promises that the merchandise sold is as represented. Second, it promises that you will receive repairs, a replacement, or a refund if it is not the quality or ...

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