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    Ethical implications of adding a medical clinic to an island

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    1.) Describe a plan to open up a medical clinic on a small island.
    2.) Describe the factors affecting decision implementation.
    3.) Evaluate the resources and actions required.
    4.) Evaluate the ethical implications from stakeholders perspectives.

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    1) Various factors would have to be taken into consideration in a decision to open up a medical clinic. If the island is small, will the clinic be able to become sustainable, with a limited number of people on the island? Factors that include how the clinic will get supplies in a cost-effective manner, and the basic economic climate of the island are also a consideration. If the details have been worked out, the basic plan to open a medical clinic on the island would include 1) finding the appropriate location 2) interviewing and hiring qualified staff for each area of the medical clinic 3) setting up vendor accounts, and contacting suppliers to use for the clinic 4) determining what type of clinic it is - profit or non-profit, and setting up the required paperwork, licenses, and other necessities for the appropriate type of entity 5) determining the services that will - and will not - be offered at the ...

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    The expert describes a plan to open up a medical clinic on a small island. The factors affecting decision implementation are given. The expert evaluates the ethical implications from stakeholders perspectives.