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Discussing Business Intelligence

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Question: How would you define "business intelligence?" Provide two examples of real-world applications to further highlight your definition.

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I would define business intelligence as a form of mental acuity by which an individual has the ability to analyze a given situation and make a determination as to what consumers desire, find a way to provide what consumers demand in ...

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Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence - Wrap-up

Just a short one this time. Just looking for a paragraph or so for each of the 3 questions below. A few weeks ago you did a similarly sized assignment for 9 credits, so that's what I valued this one at as well.

(Next week I'll have a few more to throw your way. Also, we can discuss an upcoming longer (7-9 page) assignment I'll be looking for help with if you are interested.)

1)What do you think are the most useful forms of knowledge management systems? Discuss several different options and the contexts within which they are appropriate. What do you think are the biggest challenges to knowledge management (and why are they challenges)?

2)What do you think are the most useful forms of decision-support and business intelligence systems? Discuss several of the decision-support systems and the contexts in which they are appropriate. What questions do you think need to be answered to determine whether a decision support system is appropriate?

3)What kind of knowledge management do you currently do, what tools do you use, and having worked through this module, what changes might you make in the future? Don't restrict yourself to knowledge management in the context of paid labor. You might think about knowledge management for your school work or in other settings.

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