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    Writing a Summary Report

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    Safety training at the Moline plant has been completed. As a member of the team that developed the safety policies and procedures, you have been asked to prepare a summary report to the Vice President of Technology and Manufacturing apprising him of the results and offering your recommendations for future training. At a minimum, you want to provide him with the following information.

    Reported safety incidents have decreased by 60% in the six weeks since training was completed. Only one incident (a fall resulting in a sprained back)has resulted in lost time.

    The use of contract trainers has had mixed results. Two of the four trainers received relatively low ratings from the students. Although the instructors were safety experts, students reported they knew little about the fiber-optic industry and other internal company issues. You recommend that future sessions be taught by experienced plant employees rather than contractors.

    You recommend that accident response training be reinforced with live drills at regular intervals. Mention articles you have read about the usefulness of live simulations for emergency response personnel.

    Some employees mentioned on the course feedback form that they would like to receive training in electrical safety. You recommend that an electrical safety course for operators be developed that covers subjects such as common electrical hazards, the causes of electrical shock, and common safety precautions when working around electrical equipment.

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    Our company planned, developed and implemented safety training at the Moline plant. We had retained Industrial Trainers Inc. to meet with the OSHA safety & and compliance requirements. They trained our employees. The training included separate modules on fire prevention, safety and emergency preparedness. Apart from practical demonstrations, individual and group exercises and lectures, the employees have been provided with leaflets, manuals and books related to safety.

    The employees have been taught several skills including back injury prevention, workplace violence prevention, workplace emergency planning, and prevention of fire from welding, cutting & brazing. The maintenance of walking and working surfaces has been taught in some detail. The employees have been taught spill, slips, ...

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