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    Description/effect of proper/improper communication channels

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    Explain a scenario where a manager selected a proper channel to communicate an important message and one where an improper channel was used. Using the Source Message Channel Receiver (SMCR) model, describe the impact on the team.

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    You may wish to complete this assignment by including a definition of SMCR and some details about each component of the model either as an introduction to the two scenarios or as a conclusion. Please see my solution below:

    I. Introduction (or conclusion):

    SMCR - Refers to the person(s) delivering the information (source); the information being delivered (message); the method(s) by which the source chooses to deliver the information (channel), and the recipient(s) of the information (receiver).

    Source - You might want to discuss the factors that influence the method the source uses to deliver the information to its intended recipient such as the level of their communication skills, knowledge of the subject matter, intended audience, etc.

    Message - Discuss how the source has to present the information contained in the message to ensure it is received in the intended manner (i.e. tone of delivery, content and organization, language, illustrations, etc.)

    Channel - How might the way the message is delivered affect how it is received? The channel chosen should be reflective of the content of the message. Channels include but are not limited to verbal in person, verbal over the phone, via email or text message, etc. More than one channel can be used to deliver the same information, i.e. a face to face meeting followed up by an email or letter.

    Receiver - This is the intended audience of the ...

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    This 928-word solution includes a step-by-step approach to completing this assignment, including a detailed definition of SMCR, sample scenarios and examples of situations in which proper and improper channels were used to communicate important messages and the impact of each method on the team.