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    Hameem Group - International Operations

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    I need analysis of the Multinational Corporation (MNC), The Hameem Group, a textile/clothing manufacturer.
    Website: www.hameemgroup.net

    I need the following topics and questions addressed in the analysis:

    Strategy: Briefly provide an analysis of the strategy (industry, products, markets, core competencies). What types of entry modes did the company use in Bangladesh? Does the mode(s) fit the Hameem Group's goals and objectives? What is the Hameem Group's competition in Bangladesh? Are there local partners?

    Management: Explain any special management issues that may concern the Hameem Group for overseas operations in Bangladesh. What are its coordination and control systems, and how does it monitor and report issues with subsidiaries? How does the Hameem Group manage its global supply-chain, suppliers?

    The complete response should be at least about 2 pages long and must address all of the questions posed above.
    Please use references that are not past the year 2014. Provide a list of references used with in-text citation.

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    Strategy: The strategy followed by The Hameem Group is cost leadership. It reduces its costs and offers the lowest wholesale prices for its readymade garments. The main industry from which Hameem gets its revenues is the readymade garments group. Apart from that it has several other products such as poly bags, labels, jute mill, chemical formulations, teas, Transport, news channel and a daily newspaper(1). The entry mode used by the company in Bangladesh is wholly owned subsidiaries. For example, Next Collections Ltd is one of the 26 factories owned by Hameem. This mode of entry fits The Hameem Group. The goals and objectives of The Hameem Group is to become the top supplier of readymade garments and denim fabric in the world. Wholly owned subsidiaries enable it to further its goals and objectives. Full control over its subsidiaries enables Hameem to achieve quality goals and meet deadlines set by buyers. There is strong ...

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