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    Operations Management and Demand

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    (1) Why are international issues now important in operations management? Give an example.
    (2) What are the ways you would determine the demand of your firm's new convertible roadster?

    References and APA format.

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    Let's take a closer look through discussion and research, which you can draw on for your final copy. I also attached an excellent APA resource for future reference.


    1. Why are international issues now important in operations management? Give an example.

    The global market demands a 'new' international focus in operations management, mainly because research suggests there are major differences in activities between the international management (Whybark, 1997, see p. 3,) and management in general. This demands a new focus on international factors impacting management to learn about these differences, in order to be an effective international operations manager. For example, according to Whybark, the following differences demand an international focus for operations management:

    · The legal variables differ internationally (including unions, regulations and governmental issues)
    · Cultural factors are very important in managing international management and need to be understood in-depth to b effective. E.g. some countries create companies removed from customers (e.g. Bulgaria, China), whereas on the other end are those countries that depend on international trade of growth, who facilitate facilities that are close to their customers (e.g. South Korea). This means that facility differences in manufacturing differ by country more than by industry, but things that management needs to consider (see p. 6).
    · A fairly in-depth understanding of international differences is necessary ...

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    By example and discussion, this solution explains why international issues are presently important in operations management. It also discusses the ways to determine the demand of a firm's new convertible roadster. Supplemented with an article on international operations management.