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    Operations Management Forecasting

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    "Ohio Swiss Milk priducts manufactures and distributes ice cream in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. The company wants to expand operations by locating another plant in northern Ohio. The size of the new plant will be a function of the expected demand for ice cream within hte area served by the plant. A market survey is currently under way to determine that demand.
    Ohio Swiss wants to estimate the relationship between the manufacturing cost per gallon and the number of gallons sold in a year to determine the demand for ice cream and, thus, the size of the new plant. The following data have been collected."

    Plant Cost per Thousand Gallons (Y) Thousand of Gallons sold (X)
    1 1015 416.9
    2 973 472.5
    3 1046 250
    4 1006 372.1
    5 1058 238.1
    6 1068 258.6
    7 967 597
    8 997 414
    9 1044 263.2
    10 1008 372
    Total 10182 3654.4

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