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    Operations Management-Forecasting

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    Can someone help me answer the four questions at the end of this article in regards to forecasting in Operations Management. Link below and file attached with the questions.

    The textbook used for this course is:

    Larry P. Ritzman and Lee J. Krajewski; Foundations of Operations Management;Prentice Hall; 2003

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    Weather and Electricity Demand Forecasts
    During the first half of 2001, the electricity crisis in California has garnered a number of headlines, often combined with dire predictions for other areas of the United States. Rolling blackouts took place during the winter months in the state. Spring difficulties eased, but forecasts for summer include more blackout warnings. New York state and other areas have also been mentioned as possible problem areas during the summer.
    Where do such predictions come from? Are they accurate and can managers rely on the predictions for electricity demand? One source of such forecasts is Climaton, an electricity consultancy based in Fairfax, Virginia.
    If you access their Web site and click around a bit, you'll see that Climaton sells their service, only allowing in subscribers for the most up-to-date reports concerning national, regional, state, and local ...

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