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Organization and product or service analysis:

Description of your organization
Product needs assessment of the target country
Description of product to meet the need.

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//Before writing for this query, there is a need to identify an organization and its products or services. In addition to this, you should select a country for expanding the business operations of the organization. I am selecting Wal-Mart as an organization and India as a country as an example for assisting you to fulfill your query. You can select a country and organization of your choice. See the text below: //

In the present era of globalization, most of the companies are seeking to expand their business operations at the global level. Globalization is transforming the whole world in a global village. It is helping the organizations to increase their market coverage. But, there are some factors such as socio-cultural, political, legal, economic environments, etc. which should be considered prior to entering into target countries.

//In the paragraph given below, I am going to provide you with some information on Wal-Mart. You can visit its websites for collecting more information. //


Wal-Mart is one of the ...

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The response discusses an organization and product or service analysis posted in 748 words with references.