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    Effective decision-making

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    Describe an effective decision-making process from a workplace. This process could have taken place within your department/team or at the organizational level. Focus on describing the process, rather than the actual decision or the results of that decision. Why was this decision-making process effective for your department/team or organization?

    Identify at least two effects on organizational or team performance that result from this type of decision-making.

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    Effective decisions are made when an effective decision-making process is followed. The process is as follows:
    1) Identify what is causing the issue.
    - You need to identify what is causing a problem that has arisen. A good example would be 'sales are down' - why is that happening?
    - It could be the product is not popular anymore
    - Customer service is not "doing their job"
    - There is not enough product available.

    2) Determine what the solution should be:
    The problem is identified. Let's say it is because there is not enough product available and customer service cannot provide an instant order and need to back-order the ...

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