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    Critical Path Method

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    Using the data in the table, complete the following 
    ·         Draw a network diagram
    ·         Perform the forward and backward pass : determine the ES, EF, LS and LF dates
    ·         Determine and identify the critical path
    ·         What is the duration of the project ? Which activities have a float ?
    ·         Develop a profile of the amounts to be spent per month based on your project schedule
    ·         What is the total project budget at completion

    Activity Predecessor Duration Total Cost
    A - 5 $5,000
    B - 10 10,000
    C A, B 7 7,000
    D C 12 12,000
    E D 15 15,000
    F D, E 12 12,000
    G C, F 8 8,000
    I E, G 9 9,000
    J I 10 10,000

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    Solution Summary

    Draw a network diagram, perform the forward and backward pass to determine the ES, EF, LS and LF dates, determines and identifies the critical path, calculates the duration of the project, identifies the activities that have a float, develops a profile of the amounts to be spent per month based on the project schedule and calculates total project budget at completion.