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Birth and Death Rates

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Part B: Crude and Religion-Specific Rates

Rabbit City has a rising population of 500,000 robust, fertile males and 450,000 robust, fertile females. There were 4,000 live births and 57 infant deaths last year.

1) What was the crude birth rate? Express this per 1,000.
2) What was the infant mortality rate? Express this per 1,000.

On closer observation of Rabbit City, it was found that the birth rate varied by religion. Those following religion X gave birth to 3,245 infants, while those following religion Y gave birth to the remainder. However, only half the population (both males and females) identify as belonging to religion X.

3) What are the category-specific birth rates for the two religious groups?

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The expert examines birth and death rates in religion-specific rates. The category-specific birth rates for the two religious groups are determined.

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1) What was the crude birth rate? Express this per 1,000.

The population is 500,000 + 450,000 = 950,000.

birth rate = (4,000 / 950,000) x 1000 = 0.0042105 ...

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