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    Business Review

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    Let A and B arrive at the place of their meeting x minutes and y minutes after 10 a.m.
    Then they will meet if
    Then the area representing the favourable cases
    = Area OPQBRS = 2000sq.units.
    Total area = 3600sq. units
    Required probability =

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    The sales revenue has steadily increased from 199,787 in Year 1 to 393,904 in Year 4. Similarly, the profit after tax has also increased from a loss of 5,053 during Year 1 to a profit of 20,781 during year 4. The interpretation of this is that the company has steadily grown during the past four years. The growth of the company is shown through the two graphs.
    The first graph shows the increase in sales revenues:

    The second graph shows the ...

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