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Balanced and Unbalanced Scorecard

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1. If there is such a thing as an "unbalanced scorecard" what would you say it is?
2. Can you think of ways that "outsiders" to the firm could identify if a company is using a balanced scorecard approach?
3. What is a personal scorecard?
4. Identify how a student could use balanced scorecard perspectives to pursue educational objectives. For example, how might balanced scorecard perspectives relate to the selection of courses from one term to the next or strategies to achieve course/career objectives?

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The objective of the four questions is to make you think about what constitutes a balanced scorecard and what constitutes an unbalanced one. The question then uses the ploy to make you apply the concept to your career and your education. This has got two purposes, first to make you apply the concepts to your career and clarify your thinking about your career and education. Secondly, by applying the concept to your own career you internalize the concept very well.
<br>The question makes several assumptions. First it supposes that it is important to determine if a company is balanced or otherwise, this need not be true, whether a company is balance or not often depends upon the deliberate strategy of the company and the degree of balance is subordinate to the strategy. For instance a company out of a mix of 40 products spend 90 percent of its advertising expenditure on advertising just two of its products. Naturally an outsider would conclude the company is unbalanced. But this would most likely be a part of a well thought out marketing policy. Second, the question assumes that there exists a scorecard, personal or corporate, and it is possible to read if a scorecard is balanced or not. This may not be possible and results may not be veracious. A student may deliberately take certain courses and decide to follow the policy of and unbalanced scorecard and might fail to get the job he was targeting. ...

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