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Balanced Scoreboard

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Identify the best description of the balanced scorecard's internal business processes perspective. To achieve our firm's vision and strategy _____.

how do we promote internal change, what do we expect with respect to quality and service follow-up, how can we obtain greater profits, or what processes will increase value to customers and lower costs

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The balanced scorecard management system is not just another project. It is fundamentally different from project management in several respects. The first thing to notice is the topology: the balanced scorecard management process, derived from Deming's Total Quality Management, is a continuous cyclical process. It has neither beginning nor end. Its task is not directly concerned about the mission of the organization, but rather with internal processes (diagnostic measures) and external outcomes (strategic measures).
The system's control is based on performance metrics or "metadata" that are tracked continously over time to look for trends, best and worst practices, and areas for improvement. It delivers information to managers for guiding their decisions, but these are self-assessments, not customer requirements or compliance data. Further informations you can find in the next page-links. The inventor of the Balanced Scorecard was Robert Kaplan in cooperation with David Norton

Equilibrium or balance is any of a number of related phenomena in the natural and social sciences. In general, asystem is said to be in a state of equilibrium if all influences on the system are cancelled by the effects of others. A ...

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