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    MY Balance Sheet is not balanced. Please give me correct figure for Fixed Assets Current Assets and Current Liabilities and Finance by section

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    I am trying sice three hours but my Balance sheet is not Balance.Please give me currect figure for Fixed Assets,Current Assets,Current Liabilites,and Finance by section.I am preparing for my final exam I am trying sice last three hours to get my Balance sheet figures.

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    Please note that if you add the two balance sheets of Porridge and Korne and Flakes, then the two sides of your balance sheet will 'balance' unless there is an arithmetical error, but this is only the starting point! Any change, which you make on the right hand side, must be balanced by an entry on the left hand side and visa versa. In your case there has to be a balancing account, it is called the revaluation account or any name, which your instructor has given it.
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