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    Sales Force Management and Customer Relations

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    Companies today have many choices for developing relationships with customers. Companies can choose to utilize direct sales, independent representatives, catalogs, or e-commerce to present their offerings to the target market prospects. Discuss the variety of sales responsibilities and sales jobs (sales force operations) that exist. Provide an analysis of how your own organization (or another organization with which you have familiarity) utilizes sales force operations in reaching their target market prospects and customers

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    The organization that I work for has three types of sales responsibilities. First, there are sales persons who identify large buyers, and distributors. Second, there are customer service personnel who apart from providing online support generate important leads. Third, there are sales teams whose representatives actually approach customers/potential customers and book orders. The organization I work for is a company that makes and sells machine tools. My company sells its products both to distributors and direct to large customers.

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    The sales staff responsible for identifying large customers and active distributors mainly uses computers to identify potential customers, phone them and discuss their needs, and develop leads for the sales force. Their primary task is to generate strong leads for the sales persons. In my company, different sales teams are assigned different territories and it is the responsibility of the sales staff to provide leads in all territories. The leads must be strong, recent, and ...

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