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VP branch bank

Suppose you are consulting for a VP branch bank. You notice that several branches have consistently low customers service ratings even though there are no apparent differences in resources or staff characteristics. Describe an active inquiry process in one of these branches that might help to overcome these problems.

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Active Inquiry Process for a Bank Branch
The enquiry process for the branches of the bank that were having consistently low customer service ratings began with an examination of the criteria that went into the rating process. There were five criteria that were used in developing customer service ratings. The first was the average time it took to answer a customer query. The second was the accuracy of information provided to the customer. The third was the speed at which loans/credit was sanctioned. The fourth was the courtesy of the branch employees in dealing with customers. The fifth was the number of hours banking facilities was available to the customers.
During the first phase there was a process of contracting where the relationship between me and my role in the change process is clarified. This ...

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