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    Bank Branch: Performance Measure

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    I need to write an essay on this and I am completely stuck. The firm has to be a bank branch.

    Begin by briefly explaining the business, the product(s) and input(s). Clearly explain the measure of output per period and the measure of input per period.
    Try to provide numerical examples, show how it is used, and (if possible) benchmark.
    Critically evaluate the measure - do changes in what we mean by productivity of the input change this measure? Does the measure change, for reasons other than because of changes in what we mean by productivity of the input?
    Consider alternative measures. If a productivity measure does not exist, devise one, and provide numerical examples. Evaluate how well the existing or proposed measure corresponds to what it is trying to measure.

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    Step 1
    The business, product, inputs:
    The banking branch conducts banking business such as making loans, accepting deposits, and providing ATM services. The branch is a retail center where the bank can offer a number of face to face or automated services to its customers. The branch offers services such as drive through teller windows, and safe deposit boxes.

    Step 2
    There are several measures of output and measures of inputs in a bank branch. These measures are used over a period of one month, quarter, or a year. The measures of inputs are the number of employees at a branch, the total salary paid to employees at the branch, the fixed expenses for running the branch, and marketing expenses for the branch. The measures of outputs are the number of new accounts ...

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