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The micro-macro dilemma related to high-powered engines in cars, nuclear power, and bank credit cards

Explain how the micro-macro dilemma relates to each of the following products: high-powered engines in cars, nuclear power, and bank credit cards.

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The micro-macro dilemma relates to a variety of circumstances and situations, and is applicable, and necessary for many of the decisions that people make in their day-to-day lives. This is especially true for many of the business decisions that organizations must make in regards to marketing.

From a marketing perspective, high-powered engines in cars can be a very enjoyable and viable option for many consumers who enjoy the excitement of driving high-powered automobiles, but high-powered engines in automobiles are usually not good for society as a whole. So in essence, high-powered engines in cars have a beneficial effect for a limited number of individuals, for a limited amount of time, but they conversely affect society as a whole in a number ways. High-powered engines are very noisy and can disturb the peace and quiet that is enjoyed by individuals within neighborhoods and communities. In addition, ...