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    Importance of audits for projects and people

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    Why is an audit important? Is it?
    What major information would you expect to find in a project audit?
    Why is it difficult to perform a truly independent, objective audit?
    What personal characteristics and skills would you look for in selecting a project audit leader?

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    Here are some aspects of what an audit consists of:
    - An audit is an evaluation of an organization, system, process, project or product.
    - An audit is important to make sure that the status of the project is progressing at the speed that you want it to proceed, that there are no errors, that there are no conflicts, that thinks are moving smoothly and within budget, that there are sufficient recourses allocated to the project...

    Basically an audit is a safety precaution that you take during project management to make sure that critical errors are not being propagated.

    The audit can be ...

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    This posting starts off by explaining key features of what the goal of an audit is. It then states what information is needed when conducting audits, and finishes by explaining the importance of having an independent, unbiased individual perform the audit.