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    Unecesaary Technological Changes

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    Technological changes could have helped in this case. As technology continues to develop and evolve, companies must strengthen their controls. My agency recently had several IT-related upgrades. We have to change our passwords every 45 days, there are very strict procedures for accessing the network offsite, the cleaning staff has to wear name badges...There have been a lot of complaints made by staff, because many of the procedures require a little extra time or effort on our part. They are necessary, though. These controls are in place to protect the integrity of the agency. Have any of you experienced IT changes in the workplace that initially seemed unnecessary?

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    My organization went through a security inspection and had to make major modifications to our security posture that the employees did not agree with. Proximity card ...

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    The solution analyses at a possibly necessary technological change in the expert`s own work environment. The expert determines if they experience any IT changes in the workplace that initially seemed unnecessary. The solution is 111 words.