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Identify Dependent and Independent Variables

For our purposes, the main distinction is between dependent variables (DVs) and independent variables (IVs).

A DV, sometimes called a criterion, is the variable that we're trying to either predict or control. Some typical DVs in business settings are:
* Market position
* Profit
* Job Satisfaction (Jobsat)
* Intention to quit.

An IV is a variable we usually aren't controlling (hence Independent), but may want to, because we believe that it has an effect on the DV. Some typical IVs that may have effects on the DVs listed above are:
* Advertising budget
* Research and development budget
* Pay
* Job characteristics (interest, autonomy)
* Stress (environmental factors, office bullying, etc.)

Your assignment is to identify THREE DVs that are relevant to your job or your organization. For each DV, indentify ONE IV that plausibly has an effect on it.

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Dependent variables would be the number of instructors needed, the amount needed for rental space for distance learning classes, graduation rates.

The first, the number of instructors needed is determined by the number of students enrolled in classes. The number and type of students is also independent. If there are 1000 freshmen, then the number of ...

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Discussion of what are dependent and independent variables based on teaching job.