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How to Handle Environmental Protesters in Lobby Situation

You are CEO of a natural resources company, and your offices are located prominently in downtown.

About noon, one day, a bunch of environmental protestors show up in your lobby with signs labeling you as a polluter. They spread some substance on the floor of your lobby. Needless to say, the media have been invited.

What would you do?

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I would go out to the lobby and invite the protesters into my conference room, without the media. I would ask them to put down their signs and present their issues to a group of executives. I would get together 6-10 executives to hear the protesters out, and have the cleaning crew called to immediately clean up the floor of the lobby (after discretely having someone on staff take pictures to document the damage). Although I would not be violent about ...

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This solution discusses how to handle a situation in which environmental protesters show up in your company's lobby labeling you as a polluter.