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    Bloody Sunday: Video Review

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    Go to the following link http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/eyesontheprize/resources/vid/10_video_march_qt.html

    -Discuss the key points of the Bloody Sunday incident.
    -When and where did it occur?
    -What happened during the incident, and why did it happen?
    -What impacts did this event have on the relationship between the police and the community that they are sworn to protect?
    -How have events similar to Bloody Sunday affected modern police relationships?
    -By today's standards, what lessons learned have allowed police to be better equipped to handle situations that do not allow or call for use of force?

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    Bloody Sunday was an event that became infamous in Northern Ireland because of the savagery displayed by the British Army. While holding an event to protest Britain's continuation of internment without trial in Northern Ireland in the city of Derry, the British army engaged in what many consider a massacre. Estimates place about 20,000 men, women, and children at the protest, which was a symbol of a long standing resentment to British rule by Irish Catholics who feel their country is not really theirs because of British rule. The Irish Republic Army (IRA) has represented the resistance freedom fighting force against the British Army for many decades. This even would catapult support for their armed resistance.

    The Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association (NICRA) organized the protest and as they approach the city center the BRITISH ARMY, not the police, met them preventing entrance. When discussing this event and its relevancy to POLICING, it is imperative to recognize that armed forces have limited experience in policing. This statement is slightly different for the British Army because of their long standing occupation of Northern Ireland, but just as the United States Army has had difficulties attempting to police areas in Afghanistan and Iraq, the British Army also has experienced problems because armies are not equipped for policing.

    Facts may vary but the gist and summary of the events that took place that day are as follows:
    -Soldiers from the British Army fired live rounds at protesters.
    -None of the deceased or wounded were found to have had weapons or attempted to use weapons against the army.
    -Some young men did throw stones at the Soldiers, which resulted in a supposedly 'elite' regiment of the British -Army moving in to fire the shots that would reverberate around the world.
    -13 men sustained fatal wounds and another 13 were critically wounded mainly by sniper type gunshots to the ...

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