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    Finkler & Ward and Cleverly & Cameron Accounting

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    The accounting principles are presented differently between Finkler & Ward and Cleverly & Cameron. Pick one principle in Finkler and Ward and compare it to Cleverly & Cameron.

    The paper for this week should use the principles presented by Finkler & Ward. Pick one of these principles that has not been selected as much by your class mates and connect it with the information in Cleverly & Cameron."

    We have several texts, but the ones that the Professor is referring to are:

    Essentials of Health Care Finance by Cleverley and Cameron and Accounting Fundamentals for health Care Management by Finkler and Ward.

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    To guide you in your selection of what accounting principle to pick for the paper, I suggest that you look particularly at Chapter 7 of the Essentials of ...

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    The solution picks one accounting principle in Finkler and Ward and compares it to Cleverly & Cameron.