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Financial Management

The meeting at Superior Living Inc. with the analyst went well. However, you want to crunch the numbers yourself to ensure accuracy. Furthermore, you need to consider the project in the broader context of how the new production facility can help the company increase output and, more importantly, profits. You know that the CFO will ask you to analyze the project at different hurdle rates, determine the implication on earnings and cash flow, and articulate why this project was chosen over the multitude of options that exists.

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// In this section, it has been told that Superior Living Inc. holds an eminent position and deals in the business of manufacturing home furniture. Introduction of the company is done by including the main areas in which, it deals, is provided in a summarized manner. The core areas of the firm would enlighten the way, through which, the company's adaptability is highlighted. //
To: Chief Financial Officer
Date: October 26, 2009
From: XYZ
Sub: Financial Analysis
Assessment of financial health of the organization is a mandatory aspect, which is accomplished by financial analysis from the organizational perspective.

Superior Living Inc. - Financial Analysis
An intense competitive position is held by Superior Living Inc. Thus, the company gains a competitive advantage over other companies in same field. Superior Living Inc. deals in private as well as domestic manufacturing of home furniture. It aims the customers, which are mainly of age group 21 to 54. Thus, youngsters as well as slightly old age group are targeted, so that company fulfills its purposes by satisfying customers' need. The outdoor ratio, furniture for children, luxury, and the space saver all are main constituents of company's product line. As, it is well known that customers never want to compromise with quality, hence Superior Living Inc. provides best quality products to its customers. The company has also good image among its distributors and retailers. Thus, they are willing to work for ...

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