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Consider the role of the finance department

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Consider the role of the finance department at On Your Mark. As a division manager,

1. How might the finance department help you to successful complete the duties of your job?
2. What role does a finance department play in valuing business opportunities for future acquisitions?
3. What are the ethical responsibilities of the finance department?
3. How might you, as a division manager, form a good working relationship with and utilize the talents of the finance department?

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The solution considers the role of the finance department.

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Please find guidelines for writing on the Role of the Finance Department.


Role of Finance Department

Role of Finance Department to Complete Duties
Finance department in an organization plays an important role as it helps employees to complete their duties on their job. Finance department is the core department of a business that ensures the availability of resource in a timely manner to accomplish the organizational goals. It ensures the availability of the required fund to acquire the resources that are essential to perform the duties on job. It also helps to identify appropriate financial information and opportunities that enhances the decision making effectiveness (Siciliano, 2003). It also helps to determine the performance level on ...

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