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    Financial Ratios for Yahoo 2008-2011

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    Please help with the following accounting problem - figure out the financial ratios for the company "Yahoo" over the last 5 years. Below are the ratios needed:


    Price Earnings
    Cash Dividends per share
    Dividend Yield
    Dividend Payout Ratio
    Working Capital
    Acid Test Ratio
    Asset Turnover
    Inventory Turnover
    Number of Days' Sales
    Inventory Annual Cost
    Debit Ratio
    Debit/Equity Ratio
    Times Interest Earned

    Here is the link: http://investor.yahoo.net/annuals.cfm

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    I have put these ratios in Excel, showing the numerator and denominator for you, even for those ratios ...

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    The following posting helps with an accounting problem. This solution provides financial ratios in Excel, showing the numerators and denominators, even for those ratios that were not applicable (those with inventory, interest paying debt, and dividends). Each amount is given for 2008-2011 from the Yahoo! annual reports found on their website and then the ratios are computed. The source for the stock price is given. The answers are provided in Excel.